• Can I use assets purchased from the Unity Asset Store in Unreal Engine?


All assets in Haon Store are possible. The license applied at the time of purchase still applies.

  • Can I use assets purchased from Unreal Marketplace in Unity Engine?

(Marketplace official answer)


the only content that is limited to Unreal Engine use is content that is distributed by the Epic Games account and all of the Learning Resources content. Otherwise, all other Marketplace content can be exported for used with other game engines and published in games.

  • (Unity AssetStore)
    The character's component script is missing.
    or I get an error saying that there is no script.
    or The character's hair and skirt do not move.

The reason is that the springbone system is not installed. Please refer to the guide scene in the package or refer to the video below.

How to install 'UnityChanSpringBone'. by Haon SD Series

  • I would like to request a custom production.

We are sincerely pleased.
However, HaonStore is difficult to take orders. We have no plans to take your order yet. (2021-05)

  • (Unity AssetStore)
    I am using the 2.0 version package. Should I upgrade to 3.0?


It's your freedom. However, I highly recommend upgrading to 3.0. And it's a free upgrade.